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at Meringue we do things differently...

Our bakery is modeled a little differently than a typical brick and mortar bakery with a storefront.  First, our bakery does not have a storefront.  We are not a bakery that has product on hand for quick sale on site.  Second, our primary business is making gourmet wedding cakes.  However, we wanted everyone (not just couples who are getting married) to be able to purchase small bakery items and cakes. 

how can you order a non-wedding dessert?

You can get gourmet Meringue Bakery product by visiting Bean Juice Coffee at 1014 19th Street in La Crosse WI.  Everyday the pastry chefs at Meringue Bakery get up at the break of dawn to make fresh from-scratch bakery items that we deliver to Bean Juice Coffee.  At Bean Juice Coffee you will find items like individual cupcakes, scones, cinnamon twists, bundt cakes, and croissants.   Do you want to order a small celebration cake?  Click here to see our seasonal cake and candy menu.  Now,  all small dessert orders can be prepaid and delivered to Bean Juice, where clients can pick up their order during Bean Juice Coffee's business hours.  All orders can be placed through our online ordering guide, or by calling our bakery at (608) 780-3982.